Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Looking Good

When you look at the picture in the banner above and the pics in this post, the transformation is obvious.

We've still got things to do ... like replace the front fence .... but that's next on our list after we save a few more dollars,
This renovating caper is expensive.
And we need curtains and blinds and paving .... and we'd love a wood fired oven in the back garden.

But we're not in any hurry.
We're here and we're not moving.
We're so very happy in the house that Ben built.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Look At Me Now

Yes dear reader it's been a long time ... but look at me now.

We've in, we're settled and it's like we never left.
I'll be updating some pics over the next little while to show you how the House That Ben Built is faring.

These pics show the back of the house and the gorgeous curved wall.
We planted some mature white crepe myrtles and they are exactly what were were after, giving a lovely softness to the garden.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home At Last

Apologies for the blogging hiatus.
But the move is done.
But done.

But most importantly we LOVE, Love, love our house.
And we love being HOME. Yes we do.
It is more wonderful every day we spend here.

The fist night was surreal.
I don't think James and I could believe we were actually here.
Our bodies ached from lifting and moving and packing and unpacking ... but the thrill of falling asleep in our room ... with the curved wall .... overlooking the creek .... eased the pain. We woke early to see the pale light gently fill our bedroom as dawn crept in.

That first morning was special.
We sat up in bed as the world awoke and saw the trees along the creek gradually glow golden. There was magic.
We 're home.
And we're staying.

There will be pictures to complete this chapter once technology allows, but The House That Ben Built and The House That James Designed is so much more than I dared wish for.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Afternoon glow

I snapped this pic late in the afternoon ...
The house was glowing in the fading light, accentuating the mellow timber and the curved wall.
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Look at her now

Isn't she lovely?
That new colour really suits her!
Cinderella is almost ready for the ball ...
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Sealing the floors

The floors have been sanded and are now being sealed.
The timber is coming up a treat!
It's spotted gum, if you're wondering.

And that hole in the floor? The cellar! We kept the original cellar and will add a new door, that will sit flush with the floor.

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Let there be light

The light fittings are going in.

The pink chandelier sits beautifully in Eliza's room
And can you see the storybook feature wall?
Totally gorgeous.

And in the spare room ...
.... rather posh I have to say! I think James sneaked that one in!

And I love this light fitting in the hallway.
It looks like some floating seaweed, and when the light is on it will cast playful shadows on the wall ...
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