Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting it just right

Ben and John (Ben's offsider) are working the weekend before Christmas - trying to get as much done as possible before the holidays. They're installing the windows in our upstairs bedroom.

Pina has confessed she's very worried about so many windows in our bedroom.

Make sure you keep priv-at. OK . You no let anyone lookie.

There will be curtains ... as well as privacy screens .


Mama Mia!!

Hmmmmm .... the architect checks out the progress....

And this is a new addition in our bedroom.
A day bed that will overlook the staircase.
The perfect nook for a magazine and a coffee ...
or a glass of bubbles and a platter of strawberries (.... yes I am dreaming...)
But I'm getting in early to claiming the space.
Eliza says I'll have to fight her for it.
Our bedroom vista.Posted by Picasa

Windows with a real vista

Some of the windows have been installed now ...

The windows for the dining room are yet to come on site.

These will be 'framless butt jointed' .

Say no more!

Apparently James and Ben know what this means.

The glass sliding doors from the living room, which will open onto the deck, look amazing.

Our little patch of paradise is perfectly framed.
It's still hard to believe we're on the fringe of the city.Posted by Picasa


The scaffolding is gone and the back of the house can be seen again.
We're still in a bit of shock really.
It's bloody huge.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Taking Shape 3

The renovation is really taking shape.
The roof is now on the back section of the house and the first floor walls in the photo above will be clad with ripple iron this week.
The plumber is hard at work finishing the downpipes, the gutters and flashings. Posted by Picasa

In the frame

John was at the house today (working on a Sunday) sawing lengths of timber.
The frame for the internal walls on the first floor is coming along.

From this picture you can see the the frame for the ensuite, toilet and hallway leading to the studio in the roof space.

We're on target for lock up before Christmas.

It's starting to take shape and I can now visualise the spaces ... the rooms ... and how it will look in a few months with paint, carpet, windows, curtains and furniture.

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View from on high

The roof is on .... and the scaffolding is up .... and I've been upstairs!
I gingerly climbed the rungs ...
slowly, slowly ....

going higher

and higher....

I made it to the top and stood in our new bedroom for the first time.

The view across our back garden and up the course of the creek is delightful ...

You really do feel like you're in the tree tops.

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